Westwood Area

About the Area

In its present condition, the land is unfit for development. Land consolidation over the years has been slow due to excessive multiple ownership. The original road pattern was destroyed, leaving a severe problem of accessibility. Some success with land assembly has occurred in Section 29, helping to reduce the number of property owners. Over the years, 60% percent of the platted rights-of-way have been vacated in this area, reducing
yet another obstacle to development. However, the property south of the North Colonial Waterway in Section 32, remains in the same original platted configuration, with multiple owners

The basic objectives of this area as follows:

  • To provide for single-family home development within the City limits, advancing the Comprehensive Plan goals for encouraging the development of single-family housing within the City.
  • To improve access to Section 29 & Section 32 and enhance internal circulation within the Redevelopment Plan area.
  • To assist in parcel consolidation when and where needed throughout Plan Area to correct irregular lot sizes and configuration, and diversity of ownership in Section29 & Section 32.

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